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  • Can I use my MCC membership to enter the public and AFL member areas at the MCG?

    No, your membership card will not be recognised at the public or AFL member entrances at the MCG. 

    Members must enter via Gate 2 at the MCG.

  • How does the Long Room and Members Dining Room dress code compare to the remainder of the Reserve?

    When visiting the Long Room, Members’ Dining Room, Committee Room or John Landy Room on match day, a higher standard of dress is required.

    The dress standard is a lounge suit or tailored jacket, shirt, tie, slacks (tailored chinos are acceptable) and dress shoes, or attire of a similar high standard.

    Click here for further details on dress standards.


  • Can I defer my MCC membership or transfer it to another person?

    Members cannot defer their MCC membership. 

    If a membership remains unpaid for greater than 12 months, the member is placed on the suspended member list and must write to the MCC Committee to nominate for reinstatement.

    Your photo ID membership card is strictly non-transferable and is issued for personal use only. 

    Lending your card is a serious breach of the club rules and offenders will incur severe penalties. It is also a member's responsibility to make sure that their card is secure so that it cannot be used by another person.

  • How do I obtain Long Room and Balcony passes for my guests?

    Applications for Balcony and Long Room passes for international cricket matches will open at the same time as dining. Applications can be made via the event page, and will be open for up to eight days, or until passes are exhausted.

    All available passes not allocated in advance will be available for collection on match day from the passes window on the left hand side of Gate 2.

    Balcony and Long Room passes will not be required for visitors to access Level 2 and 3 seating for Big Bash League matches.

    The Long Room is only accessible for members and guests aged 18 or older. Dress regulations apply for the Long Room. A Long Room pass can be obtained for guests aged 18 or older, subject to availability.

    Members can apply for Long Room passes depending on the category of the match and subject to availability.

Membership arrangements

  • When I pay by instalment plan, will my access entitlements be subject to each payment instalment being up to date?

    Yes, your membership instalment(s) payments must be able to be processed by the Club by the dates specified to ensure your access entitlements are maintained.

  • How is my membership fee used by the Club?

    The MCC is obligated to maintain the MCG, as ground manager, and to run the events at the stadium including staffing, services and security. Membership fees contribute to that work. Fees also contribute to the running of the Club, including the high standard of services available to members in the Reserve and the benefits provided to members on match day and non-match day events. Revenues from the Club are also used to repay debt. The Club still has a significant amount of debt incurred when the redevelopment of the MCG was undertaken ahead of the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
  • Why has the Club decided to introduce a payment plan?

    In 2020, Management implemented a number of initiatives to support members during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included the introduction of MCCFlexipay, a way for members to pay their yearly membership fees across three payments instead of just one. MCCFlexipay will remain an option for members well into the future. Read more about MCCFlexipay

Waiting List

  • How do I join the MCC membership waiting list?

    Applicants must complete an MCC membership nomination form and pay the $135 nomination fee. Nomination forms require the signature of a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be Full financial members of the MCC.

    Club rules do not permit Restricted or Provisional members to propose or second nominations.

    No photocopied or emailed nomination forms will be accepted, as signatures must be the original. Full members can propose or second up to four candidates each membership season commencing September 1.
  • How long does it take to become a member?

    The committee determines the number of candidates it can offer Provisional, Restricted and Full membership in June or July of each year.

    Due to numerous variable factors that are taken into consideration when determining new member intakes each year, it is not possible to estimate exactly how long a candidate on the waiting list will have to wait before they are offered membership.

    However, we do know the nomination date of the latest candidates elected to membership in our intake for the upcoming season. Further details on the latest intake can be found by clicking here.


  • Is there a members' car park?

    At present, there is no area specifically set aside for MCC members to park their vehicles. On match days, the closest public parking area to the Members Reserve is through Gate 3 of Yarra Park on the corner of Wellington Parade South and Jolimont Terrace. 

    On non-event days, members can utilise short-term street parking in Jolimont Street or Jolimont Terrace, or if booked into the Committee Room for lunch, parking will be arranged in the underground car park off Brunton Avenue.

  • What do I do if I have lost my card or had it stolen? Am I still able to enter the Reserve?

    If you have lost your card or it has been stolen, please contact Member and Customer Services at your earliest convenience by phoning (03) 9657 8888. A temporary pass can be issued to allow entry into the reserve prior to a new card being issued. 

  • I have lost an item at an event, who can I contact?

    To check if something has been handed in, please ring the club on (03) 9657 8888 and our team will check lost property with security.