Club structure

The business and affairs of the MCC are overseen and controlled by a committee.

The committee comprises members of the club elected to honorary office bearer positions, namely, a president, three vice-presidents and a treasurer, and nine other club members elected to the committee.

To assist in the execution of its responsibilities, the committee has established a number of sub-committees to which the president appoints committee members.

Committee members are also involved in additional sub-committees and related funds or corporate bodies, including Sporting Sections, Cricket, Legal, AFL, MCC Foundation and MCC Nominees.

Additionally, the committee reviews the performance of the club’s management team in consultation with the chief executive officer, Stuart Fox, measuring results against the business plan objectives, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and monitoring the strategic and operational risk management plan.

There are about 150 permanent club employees and event staff are drawn from a pool of 1000-plus for match-day duties at the ground.

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