Small-bore rifle

A small-bore and pistol club was established in the early 1970s in what was then the “Practice Area” of the MCG.

This was shared with cricket, baseball, and other sports and users until the late 1990s when the rebuilding of the ground facilities saw the MCG resident sections looking elsewhere for practice and playing facilities.

Camberwell rifle range, as a long established range with good facilities, was amenable to MCC sharing its premises, and this arrangement continues at the present time.

Small-bore shooting uses .22 calibre target rifles, shot over 20 metres.

For details, please contact Roderick Williams on (03) 9569 0854 or email

New shooters welcome

The MCC Small-bore Rifle Club welcomes new members on Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm. Club equipment is readily available as well as experienced members to introduce and instruct visitors to the sport of small-bore rifle shooting.

To arrange a visit, please contact Roderick Williams on (03) 9569 0854 or email

View the MCC Target Shooting membership application form.