Missymu by Shirley

Missymu by Shirley is a new members’ dining experience offering a contemporary twist on traditional Pan-Asian flavours.

Missymu, an affectionate name for daughter, tells the story of chef, Shirley Summakwan, and her connection to family, culture and heritage.

Located on Level 3 of the Ponsford Stand, Missymu by Shirley provides diners with a fusion of an authentic street food experience and refined dining.

Shirley’s passion for food began with the generations before her, with the family kitchen being a place to connect with her loved ones. Her cooking expresses cherished memories inspired by family recipes and favourites, which she is humbled to share with diners.

Missymu by Shirley boasts a menu combining the best parts of Asian cooking; showcasing spice, sweetness, sourness, and saltiness, with signature dishes including Mama Melly’s Hainanese Chicken, After Church Prawn Toast, and the Spirit of Ah Gong’s Dan Dan Noodles.

Relax, enjoy a drink and let Shirley serve up her favourite childhood dishes.

To apply for dining at Missymu by Shirley during the 2024 AFL Premiership Season, view our fixture page for key dates, and apply via the event pages on our website.