MCC Library

The MCC Library contains one of the most comprehensive and varied collections of sporting books and ephemera in the world.

Founded in 1873, it is a major repository for information on sport and sports history, and forms a cornerstone of the club’s commitment to heritage.

The Library is a facility for reference and research. Click here to read more about the Library's history.

Visiting the MCC Library

The MCC Library is open to members between 10.00am and 4.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In line with the current Victorian Government health directives, all venues within the MCG will only be accessible to fully vaccinated patrons (over the age of 12 years and two months). Children under 12 years and two months old do not need to be vaccinated but must be accompanied by fully vaccinated adults.

Unvaccinated patrons will not be permitted to enter the MCG, unless they are able to display a valid immunisation medical exemption provided by a Victorian Government-approved health professional.

As visitors arrive at the MCG, they will be asked to bring up their COVID-19 digital certificate to display to MCG staff at the entrance gate in one of two ways:

  1. Scan the QR code outside the entrance gate using the Services Victoria App on your smart device.
  2. Show their COVID-19 digital certificate in the same smart wallet on their device, that houses their digital ticket from Ticketek. All patrons will still be required to “check-in” to the MCG via the Services Victoria app.

For patrons without a smart device, they will be required to provide a printed version of the COVID-19 digital certificate or a copy of their full Immunisation History statement provided by the Australian Government (with coat of arms), which can be used as evidence of vaccination. An immunisation statement provided by a general practitioner (GP) will not be accepted.

Collection and catalogue

Covering sports played by the MCC and at the MCG, the collection’s strengths are cricket, Australian football and the Olympic Games, with substantial holdings in a number of other sports.

The primary collecting focus is on historical and biographical works. As a reference library it does not lend collection items.

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Phone: (03) 9657 8876 or email
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Research services

The MCC librarian is ably assisted by a team of professional staff. Specialist volunteers assist with research projects and information provision.

Find out more about the Library's research services including requesting collection access.


The staff and volunteers produce fact sheets for each event at the MCG. These can be found on each event details page in the week of the event, here.  

Three times a year, the Library publishes The Yorker, a journal that features articles about sporting history and heritage plus contemporary book reviews. It may be purchased in the Library and also by subscription.