Welcome to a more rewarding membership.

Whether you’re buying a round for friends at the bar, enjoying a meal or purchasing food on the go, you’ll always be rewarded when paying with your MCC Plus card.

All members receive a 5% rebate on purchases of food and drinks inside the Members Reserve* by simply tapping their card at the point of sale.

Received your new MCC Plus card?

Your new MCC membership card contains a new barcode, which is ready for use via Ticketek or the Gate 2 turnstiles for your next visit to the MCG.

If you have an MCC Plus account, you will need to activate your new card to access any funds loaded to your account.

To activate your new card, click here.

The MCC Plus Portal

Your MCC website account includes the ability to manage your MCC Plus card all from the MCC website without having to login to a second account.

Enjoy a majority of the functionality you're familiar with, including the ability to perform instant fund loads from your credit card and the ability to view your transaction history by logging in with your MCC member number and password.

To access the portal, login to your account on mcc.org.au and click 'Sign up to MCC Plus' if you haven't previously activated your card, or 'Manage MCC Plus' if you have previously activated your card from your profile page.

A how-to guide for the MCC Plus Portal.

Click here to login to the MCC Plus portal.

Please note: There are two pieces of functionality that haven't been replicated in the MCC website MCC Plus portal, the ability to manage automated top-ups from your bank account and the ability to configure and manage alerts from your account. To continue managing these items please login to https://portal.mccplus.org.au/MCCPlus/login using your email address and password set when first creating your MCC Plus account.

Now, there’s even more reason to enjoy being a member of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

The Melbourne Cricket Club is committed to the ensuring the responsible consumption of alcohol. Please drink responsibly and consider the impact that excessive alcohol consumption can have on your health. Visit drinkwise.org.au for more information.

*The MCC Plus Card is issued by Indue Ltd AFSL 320204. Consider the PDS and Target Market Determination available below to see if this product is right for you. Any advice provided is of a general nature only and does not take into account consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any advice, you should consider its appropriateness.

Things to do

Important information

Download our Product Disclosure Statement

Download our Target Market Determination

Download our Financial Services Guide

Download our Complaint Handling Policy

Download the program terms and conditions

*Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information. A rebate will not be provided for purchases that are already discounted or in conjunction with another special offer.

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