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2024 AFL Premiership Season: Information for members

The Melbourne Cricket Club looks forward to welcoming you back to the Members’ Reserve.


For all home and away matches in the 2024 AFL Premiership Season, both unreserved and reserved seating areas will be available throughout the Members' Reserve. Members can scan their membership card at the gate to access the Reserve, subject to match category conditions.
To view the MCG fixture and on-sale dates, click here.

2024 AFL Premiership Season Guide

Click here to download the 2024 AFL Premiership Season Guide.

Visiting the Members' Reserve

Visiting the Members’ Reserve for the 2024 AFL Premiership Season

AFL matches played at the MCG have been assigned a category according to their expected demand from members and their guests to attend the Members’ Reserve.

These categories determine match access for members, what areas can be entered and how many visitor tickets and Long Room or Balcony passes a member can obtain for their guests.

Please read the details below on the current Members’ Reserve operations.

Members' Reserve Operations

For all home and away matches in the 2024 AFL Premiership Season, unreserved and reserved seating areas will be available throughout the Members’ Reserve.

Members will be able to reserve a seat on Levels 1, 2 and 4 of the Members’ Reserve via Ticketek. Any unallocated reserved seating will be made available as unreserved seating on the match day on a first-in, first-served basis, subject to capacity and availability.

Match Categories

Matches at the MCG will be classified as a Category 1, 2 or 3 match for Full, Restricted and Provisional members in accordance with attendance estimates and expected demand of amenities.

Full and Restricted members, as well as Annual Guest Card holders, have access to the Members’ Reserve for all home and away matches of the 2024 AFL Premiership Season. For a small number of matches when the attendance of Full and Restricted members and their guests is forecast to be high, Provisional members may have limited to no access to the Members’ Reserve.

The following table provides an overview of what is available to members in each category, including Provisional member access, visitor tickets, dining access and Long Room or Balcony pass conditions.

Note: Annual guest cardholders have the same access rights as a visitor.

Please refer to the table below for an overview of what members are able to access per match category.

Event Category
Full & Restricted membersProvisional members
1Access to the ReserveAll levelsNo access to the MCC Reserve
Visitor TicketsUp to four tickets*
Level 2 & 3 AccessMembers only
Long RoomYes
Members' Dining Room & Missymu by ShirleyYes - up to two visitors
Jim Stynes GrillYes - up to two visitors
Long Room Passes for visitors
Balcony Passes for visitorsNo
2Access to the ReserveAll levelsLevels 1 & 4
Visitor TicketsUp to four ticketsUp to two tickets
Level 2 & 3 Access**
  • Members
  • Visitors with Level 2 reserved seats or a Long Room or Balcony pass
  • No access
    Long RoomYes
    No access
    Members' Dining Room & Missymu by ShirleyYes - up to four visitors
    No access
    Jim Stynes GrillYes - up to four visitors
    Yes - up to two visitors
    Long Room Passes for visitors
    One passNo
    Balcony Passes for visitorsUp to two passesNo
    3Access to the ReserveAll levelsAll levels
    Visitor TicketsFour ticketsFour tickets
    Level 2 & 3 Access**
  • Members
  • Visitors with Level 2 reserved seats or a Long Room or Balcony pass
  • Members
  • Visitors with Level 2 reserved seats or a Long Room or Balcony pass
  • Long RoomYes
    Members' Dining Room & Missymu by ShirleyYes - up to four visitors
    Yes - up to four visitors
    Jim Stynes GrillYes - up to four visitors
    Yes - up to four visitors
    Long Room Passes for visitorsUp to two passesUp to two passes
    Balcony Passes for visitorsUp to four passesUp to four passes

    *Except ANZAC Day, in which two visitor tickets are allocated per member.

    ** Members booking reserved seats on Level 2 will be limited to the same number of visitors that apply for Balcony passes. Please note that visitors with a Level 2 reserved seat do not require a Balcony pass to access their seats, however, a Long Room pass (subject to availability) will be required for visitors wishing to access the Long Room.

    When Committee Room by Grossi is available for members’ dining, Members' Dining Room conditions apply.

    Note: Tickets, access to the Reserve and passes are subject to availability.

    A full fixture with event categories for each MCG match in the 2024 AFL season can be viewed here.

    Match details, categories and on-sale dates for games in rounds 16-24 will be communicated to members once confirmed.

    Reserved seating

    Members may purchase reserved seating for themselves and visitors in accordance with match category conditions.

    Reserved seats incur a $12 charge (plus applicable Ticketek fees). Reserved seats must be purchased in the same transaction as visitor tickets in order to be seated in the same location.

    Any unallocated reserved seating will be made available as unreserved seating on the match day on a first-in, first-served basis, subject to capacity and availability.


    Visitor Tickets
    Full and Restricted members are able to purchase up to four visitor tickets to all home and away matches (with the exception of ANZAC Day where limit is up to two) at the MCG during the 2024 AFL Premiership Season, subject to availability.

    Provisional members are able to purchase visitor tickets for category 2 and 3 matches. See the membership table above for details.

    A total of 10 tickets may be purchased in one transaction via Ticketek.

    Ticket prices

    Member Ticket Prices

    Reserved Seat

    Visitor Ticket Prices

    Reserved Seat Unreserved Seating/General Admission
    Child (aged 6-14)$16$10
    Child (aged 0-5)$16Free of charge

    Prices are inclusive of all fees and GST except for a $3.70 transaction fee applicable to all transactions requiring payment.

    Ticketing conditions
    • Tickets can be purchased via the Ticketek website (, by calling the MCC members priority line on 1300 136 961, at Ticketek agencies or the Membership Services Office at the Club, Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm. Tickets may also be purchased at the Gate 2 ticket windows on match days, subject to availability.
    • When purchasing tickets at a Ticketek agency, Membership Services Office or Gate 2, your membership card will be required.
    • Only members can collect pre-purchased tickets from the right of Gate 2 on match day. Visitors cannot collect pre-purchased tickets.
    • Members are required to be in attendance with visitors.

    Balcony seating on levels 2 and 3 & Long Room and Balcony passes

    Unreserved seating on Levels 2 and 3 will be available for eligible members as well as visitors with Long Room or Balcony passes on a first-in, first-served basis in accordance with the match category conditions.

    Once a walk up seat has been chosen, those in attendance will be issued with a reserved seat ticket.

    Balcony passes can be obtained (subject to match category conditions) in order for visitors to access Balcony seating on Levels 2 and 3.

    A Long Room pass can be obtained for visitors aged 18 years and over (subject to match category conditions), which provides access to the Long Room and unreserved Balcony seating on Levels 2 and 3 of the Members’ Reserve. Dress regulations apply.

    For more information on Long Room and Balcony Passes, click here.

    Balcony Pass and Long Room Pass Conditions
    Members can apply for Balcony passes or Long Room passes for visitors depending on the match category, subject to availability.

    Applications for Long Room passes and Balcony passes for visitors open at 9:00am on the Monday* two weeks prior to each round, and close at 5:00pm on the Tuesday of the following week or until all passes are exhausted.

    All available passes not allocated in advance will be available for collection on match day from the passes window on the left hand side of Gate 2.

    *Unless Monday is a public holiday, in which case applications will be open on the Tuesday.

    Accessible Seating and Companion Cards

    Reserved seating for mobility-impaired patrons, including wheelchair spaces and carers (with a companion card) are available to redeem via Ticketek at, by calling 1300 136 961 or in-person at the Club.

    Accessible seating is available on Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Members' Reserve. Availability is event dependent. We encourage members to pre-book these spaces. However, unreserved spaces will also be available on match days on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Companions attending on a government issued companion card (of either a member or a visitor) receive free entry to the Reserve – for more details visit

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    50-Year members

    The Club provides a reserved seating area (N42) and the John Landy Room, both on Level 2, for the exclusive use of MCC 50-Year members. The introduction of guests into the room and seating area is subject to demand.

    A dedicated amount of seats will be allocated for pre-booking via Ticketek while there will also be unreserved seats set aside for 50-Year members and their guests to access on match day. These seats can be obtained from the host in the John Landy Room.

    Members’ Dining Room, Missymu by Shirley, Jim Stynes Grill & Committee Room by Grossi

    Applications for tables in the Members’ Dining Room, Jim Stynes Grill, Missymu by Shirley and Committee Room by Grossi** open at 9:00am on the Monday* two weeks prior to each round and close at 5:00pm on the following day.

    Registrations can be made through the MCC website on each event page or by calling the Club on (03) 9657 8888.

    The number of visitors permitted for dining at each match is outlined in the match categories table above.

    Members and visitors who secure dining in the Members' Dining Room and Missymu by Shirley (and Committee Room when available to members) will also access a Level 2 reserved seat as part of their booking. To gain entry, members will scan in with their membership card and visitors are able to obtain a general admission visitors ticket.

    Further details about dining and the booking process, including cancellation policy, access for children and more, visit

    *Except where the Monday is a public holiday, please refer to the fixture.
    **Committee Room by Grossi availability is determined on a match by match basis.

    Membership expectations and code of conduct

    Members and guests in the MCC Reserve are expected to observe a standard of behaviour that is socially acceptable and in keeping with the standards befitting the Club, guided by the MCC Code of Conduct.

    The MCC Code of Conduct and MCC Penalty Guide can be viewed at

    Dress standards

    When visiting the Members' Reserve there are certain dress standards that members and their guests must follow.

    The dress standards will be enforced in the Members' Reserve at all events during the 2024 AFL Premiership Season, so to avoid any delay at the turnstiles, please ensure that your attire, and that of your guests, is appropriate. Notwithstanding the outlined dress standards, management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person considered not suitably attired.

    For more information on dress standards in the Members' Reserve, click here.

    Visiting the MCG

    Parking availability in Yarra Park for the 2024 AFL Premiership Season can be viewed here. Please continue to check frequently for updates.

    Road closures
    Brunton Avenue, Jolimont Street, Jolimont Terrace and Wellington Parade will close at various times throughout the season. To see the road closures for upcoming events, view the event pages here.

    Before arriving at the MCG
    We encourage all members and their guests to do the following, as part of their preparation if they plan to attend:
    • If you have reserved a seat, download your seat ticket prior to your arrival at the MCG. To gain entry into the match, scan your membership card at the turnstiles.
    • Make sure you pack your debit, credit or MCCPlus+ card as the MCG will operate as a cashless venue.
    • Come prepared for all types of weather conditions, including packing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a poncho or a raincoat.
    • Keep your bag or backpack to a size that can fit comfortably under your seat. Larger bags such as duffle bags, sports bags or suitcases will be required to be checked in to the cloaking facilities located at Gate 1 and Gate 3.

    New security technology
    The Melbourne Cricket Club's number one priority is the safety of all patrons who attend the venue.

    As part of the Club's ongoing commitment to provide the safest possible environment for fans, the MCG has introduced Evolv touchless security screening technology at all gates on event days, providing a more efficient entry for members.

    Initially trialled at the Boxing Day Test in 2023 and successfully used during Taylor Swift|The Eras Tour, this state-of-the-art system allows members to simply pass through the security gates without the need to remove personal items such as keys, phones or bags.

    The system’s ability to detect prohibited items ensures every patron undergoes the same level of security screening in the most efficient way possible while limiting queues building up on the concourse.

    As members pass through the gates, the technology detects any prohibited items and comes up on a small screen that is monitored by security. If an item is flagged, security will do a secondary search of the member’s bag or with a hand wand.

    There are no health risks walking through the gates, however if members have any concerns, please speak to security and they will be able to assist.

    Click here to view the FAQs.

    At the 'G
    • Plan to arrive early and leave plenty of time for the entry process.
    • You will be required to enter via Gate 2. Have your membership card ready to scan into the Members’ Reserve.
    • The MCG is a cashless venue. All food, beverage, merchandise, MCC Membership Services transactions and ticketing outlets will be cashless – so all transactions will need to be made on your debit card, credit card or MCC Plus card.
    • The MCG is a smoke, e-cigarette and vape free venue. Patrons found smoking or vaping inside the Ground will face immediate eviction.
    • At the MCG, your safety is our priority. Report any form of antisocial behaviour by texting 'assist' to the MCG's antisocial text hotline on +61 409 117 621.

    MCG Multi-Faith Prayer Room
    The MCG Multi-Faith Prayer Room is open to all patrons.

    Located on Level B1 of the Shane Warne Stand (at approximately M13), the room is able to cater for more than 50 patrons at one time, and is suitable for patrons of all faiths including Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu.

    The Multi-Faith Prayer Room is accessible for all patrons from across the stadium, regardless of where they are seated.

    Here to help

    We’re here to help – all members and their guests are encouraged to contact management in the event they need any assistance or have witnessed anti-social behaviour.

    The channels in which members can contact management are through:
    Facebook: @MelbourneCricketClub
    X (formerly known as Twitter): @MCC_Members
    Instagram: @MCC_Members
    Information found at:
    Live Chat function on the MCC website (available Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm AEDT).
    Located at Gate 2 of the MCG, the Membership Services Counter is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm AEDT.

    View the AFL Conditions of Entry

    This webpage will be updated with details regarding the 2024 AFL Premiership Season as more information becomes available. Please check back here for updates, keep an eye on your emails, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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