MCC Conversations

MCC Conversations

MCC Conversations is a new video series for MCC Members which features high profile Australian sporting identities reflecting on life and sharing their experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hosted by sports presenter Nat Edwards, the four-part series will explore resilience, leadership, adversity and community, with each guest offering their perspective on a specific theme.

From Bachar Houli discussing the communities he is a part of, to Bob Murphy sharing his lessons in resilience, MCC Conversations aims to provide members with interesting insights from unique people.

Talking resilience with Bob Murphy

The collective hearts of the football world broke when, in 2016, Western Bulldogs captain Bob Murphy suffered a season-ending injury that saw him restricted to the sidelines for the club's drought-breaking premiership win.

In the first episode of MCC Conversations, Bob reflects not only on that moment and how he managed to overcome the disappointment to remain an active member of the Bulldogs team, but also shares how he and his family have been coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talking community with Bachar Houli

Bachar Houli has long been regarded as a leader and role model, not only for his on field efforts at Richmond Football Club but for his actions within the broader community.

In the second episode of MCC Conversations, Nat Edwards speaks with Bachar, recipient of the 2020 Jim Stynes Community Leadership Award, about the importance and impact that community has on his life - and how it has helped him cope with the uncertainty of 2020.

Recorded prior to the Tigers 2020 Grand Final berth (following their loss to Brisbane in the Qualifying Final), Bachar shares insights ranging from what life has been like with his family in an AFL hub, to the work he is doing through the Bachar Houli Foundation to engage young Muslim people.

Talking leadership with Peta Searle

While her 2014 appointment to a full-time assistant coaching role at St Kilda catapulted her into the wider public awareness, AFL has been a part of Peta Searle's life for longer than she can remember.

In the third episode of MCC Conversations, Peta reflects on her passion for football and the unique hurdles she has faced on her journey to become a respected leader in both the men's and women's games.

As the coach of St Kilda's inaugural AFLW side, Peta offers insights into everything from improving your own leadership style and supporting people through the uncertainty of COVID-19, to the difference in the male and female approach to leading.

Talking adversity with Justin Langer

In the fourth and final episode of the MCC Conversations series, Justin shares numerous accounts of how he has faced and fought back from adversity – from being dropped from the Australian Test side early in his career and lulls in batting form, to taking on the challenge of coaching the Australian National Cricket Team following the 2018 ball tampering scandal.

Recorded prior to the 2020/21 summer of cricket commencing, Justin's insights are of value not only for budding sports stars but anyone facing challenges in their personal or professional life.