Members' dining

Members can treat their guests to the Members Dining Room or Jim Stynes Grill at an event, sample cafes and bars, or enjoy a weekday sojourn to the Committee Room.

Event day

With numerous bars, dining rooms and cafes, there is something for everyone. Facilities are available on a walk-up basis, except the Members Dining Room and Jim Stynes Grill, where bookings must be made (refer below table).

Latest availability

Members Dining

Jim Stynes Grill 

Main Event 

Olympic Eatery
 Aug 16Mel vs SydBooked outBooked out
 Aug 17Carl vs StKBooked outBooked out
 Aug 18Rich vs WCEBooked outBooked out
Coll vs EssBooked outAvailableN/ABooked out
 Rich vs BrisCommittee Room overflow dining availableBooked out N/AAvailable

Non-match day

One of the lesser-known benefits of being an MCC member is the opportunity to avail yourself and guests of the function and dining facilities on offer at the MCG on non-match days.

Members can book fabulous locations such as the Members Dining Room, Long Room or Bullring Bar for private functions with a touch of class. Please note that use of the Long Room for private functions requires approval from the MCC Committee.

An excellent a la carte luncheon is served in the Committee Room on Level 2 of the Members Reserve, adjacent to the Long Room, on all weekday non-event days.